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Technical Specifications

Product Code OC-07000-09
Gemstone CORAL मूंगा
Species Corundum
Weight 7 carat /7.68 ratti / 1.4 grams
Color  Orange
Shape  Oval
Origin  Japan and Italy
Quality limited
treatment natural
certification Govt lab
Dispatch Time 3 Business Day
Return Policy 2 Weeks








According to Vedic astrology, gemstones play a significant role in our lives. Red Coral gemstone, also known as Praval or Moonga, which is ruled by Mars/Mangal, is one of the popular gemstones that is known to the astrological world. Other benefits of this gemstone are: • Red coral can help the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries. • Red Coral gemstone imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness in the individual. • The malefic effects of Mars in one’s horoscope can be treated with the help of red coral gemstone. • By wearing Red Coral gemstone, one can seek strong protection against evil eye, buri Nazar and black magic. However, before wearing any gemstone, one should remember that if a right gemstone can bring positive results, a wrong gemstone could bring adverse effects.

At the Gemsndiamond  we specialise in offering Natural Coral , the ‘real thing’. We believe there is no substitute for the beauty of a natural, untreated. They are much rarer and consequently hold greater value. Again it is important to check any documentation or reports linked to your stone. They will tell you if it has been treated.


According to Vedic Astrology Gemstones should be free from any kind of treatment.Make sure  before Buying your Coral should be 100 percent Natural  treated.

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