Gemstones are induced with exceptional positive energies and magical properties over the million of years they take to form in nature. Both the study of Astrology and Gemology is required to find the right gemstone for any person. Usually, a gemstone will start providing you benefits within 28 days, that is one lunar cycle. If you have been wearing a gemstone for at least this period of time and you are unable to understand why your gemstone is not yielding results, then this is the article for you. First, it is important for you to understand how gemstones work.

From the second a person takes birth, his/her karmic life map comes into force. The planetary alignment at that time influences all aspects of a person’s life. Gemstones are worn either to combat negative factors of a person’s karmic life map or to harness the benefits of a particular planet. A gemstone constantly engages with a person’s energy; it absorbs the negative energy from its wearer and endows positive results in their lives. If you think a gemstone will stop the storm from coming, it will not. But a gemstone will shield you and provide you with the strength required to sail through the tough times. In fact, it may turn the tide in your favor by harnessing the most out of your destiny. Gemstone gives you foresight; they give you the direction to achieve your goals in life. Gemstones bring you luck; they put you at the right place at the right time and give you the chance that you need in your life.  After reading the above, if you still feel that your gemstone is not working, then follow the given steps.

Step 1: Make sure your gemstone is 100% Natural and Untreated.

If Gemstones purchased in India make sure it’s certified by Indian government laboratory GJEPC.

Step 2: Find out if you are wearing the correct stone



Did you know that almost every gemstone has a synthetic counterpart? The synthetic counterparts are man-made in a laboratory under controlled conditions in just a few hours. Synthetic gemstones have the same physical, optical and chemical properties as their natural counterparts. But since they do not come from the depths of our mother Earth, they do not possess the energy and magical properties of the natural gemstones. Unfortunately,

there is no reliable DIY test to identify the real gemstone from the fake ones. It requires a sophisticated laboratory set-up to test a gemstone. Additionally, there are a few gemstones that tend to look similar so sometimes gemstone dealers and astrologers sell the wrong stone, sometimes intentionally (to dupe customers) while sometimes unintentionally (due to lack of knowledge). For Example: Yellow Sapphire, Citrine and Yellow Topaz look similar but they are completely different gemstones. Even though Citrine and a Yellow Topaz are substitutes of Yellow Sapphire, they will not provide you instant results like the Navratna. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a qualified gemologist before you buy any gemstone. Gemsndiamond is run by gemstone experts who test all gemstones carefully before selling to customers. Gemsndiamond only deals in lab-certified natural gemstones. We provide lab reports from reputed laboratories which clearly mention the authenticity of the gemstone.

Step 3: Find out if you are wearing an astrologically correct stone

Just because a stone is authentic does not necessarily mean it is astrologically correct. There are many factors that must be considered when buying an astrological stone.

A lot of Blue Sapphire Set of Blue Gems on white tray black edge many slot closeup to sockets

  • The stone must be untreated, unheated and not glass-filled i.e. it must be 100% natural. Always buy gemstones with lab reports that clearly indicate if the stone has been treated.
  • The stone must be of optimum weight and the size should be comfortable and practical to wear. The power on the gem not only depends on the weight but also the quality of the stone. Thus, a smaller sized but fine quality gemstone makes much more sense than a bigger sized gemstone of inferior quality.
  • The stone must have an ideal color intensity, pure hue, attractive tone, no secondary undertone and medium saturation.
  • The stone must have good clarity and minimum inclusions. There is a myth that astrological stones must be completely clean and clear but all natural stones have inclusions. Small and light coloured inclusions which don’t distract the flow of light and energy within the stone are acceptable. But black spots, coloured inclusions and surface cracks are not acceptable.
  • The stone must be of good origin. The origin does not directly impact the stone astrologically but it plays a major role in the quality of the gemstone.
  • The stone must not be unused i.e it should not have been worn by anyone previously. A used gemstone (even for a short period) carries the energy of its previous owner. The negative energy of the preceding bearers of the stone, makes it difficult to attain the desired results from the stone. Thus, never buy stones from dealers who offer a buy-back policy.

Gemsndiamond only deals in 100% natural and completely untreated gemstones. We help our customers to select the right stone within their budget. Also, all our stones are fully activated and energized to be worn for astrological purposes.

Step 4: Find out if you are wearing the stone correctly

Astrological gemstones should be worn with proper procedure to reap the best benefits. Vedic Astrology clearly details the procedure to wear each gemstone i.e. the preferable day & time, the right metal, the finger to be worn on, the mantra to be recited, etc. Additionally, make sure that the stone is touching your skin. If the stone is not touching your skin then it will be unable to interact with your energies. But the stone should not be too big that it is uncomfortable and not practical to wear.

Step 5: Find out why were you suggested the stone

Mostly everyone buys gemstone only after consulting an astrologer. But most people fail to find out why exactly the astrologer recommended the particular stone. It may be likely that the astrologer failed to suggest the right stone for you. It may also be likely that you need to wear another stone in conjunction to actually gain the benefits. It may also be likely that the astrologer has suggested the particular stone to you in order to guard you from the harmful effects of an ill placed planet in your kundli. In this case, the gemstone is protecting you from accidents, financial crisis, depression, unsuccessful marriage, litigation, etc.

Step 6: Think whether you are actually putting in the work

Gemstones don’t work if you don’t work. It may be a scenario where the gemstones are removing the obstacles in your life but you are failing to seize the opportunity. As mentioned above, gemstones give you foresight and improve your luck. But they do not do the work for you. You will need to make an effort to get the desired results. It is also important that you are patient in achieving your goals. After all, good things come to those who wait.  If the gemstone is absolutely right and you are doing everything correctly, then probably you are lacking faith. Astrology and Gemology are science but the universe works in mysterious ways that science is yet to fully discover. Magic is one of those things and magic works on belief. As mentioned above, gemstones have magical powers that have been accumulated over centuries. Thus, all you need is to believe; and you will see magic in your life.


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