Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire, popularly known as Neelam, is the gemstone of the planet Saturn(shani) and is considered as the strongest and effective gemstone. It is believed that the Blue Sapphire gemstone is highly effective for people facing problems in business, career, health and marriage.

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is strongly recommended for people undergoing ‘shani sadhe saati’ or ‘dhaiya’.

It is mainly used to ward off any financial, psychological or professional obstacles arising during the Shani-sadhesati or dhaiya phase.

  • Speedy success in business and jobs
  • Boosting Fortunes
  • Brings Fame & Popularity
  • Inculcates Discipline, Patience and Detachment
  • Strengthens bones and mind

GEMSNDIAMOND we Deal in 100% Natural & Original and Certified Blue Sapphire Gemstones.

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