7 Reasons To Fall In Love With Pearls!

Pearls stand a class apart in jewelry! From young blood to wise elders, everyone has an inexplicable affinity towards these radiant gems that can be worn at all times! The proof is in history. The Royal Mughals, the Egyptian Emperors and many others have worn pearls and adored them since forever. 

No wonder Coco Chanel, the founder of Chanel, a fashion house that is more than a century old, said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” 

So, here are 7 reasons why you can fall in love with pearls without a second thought! 

  1. Most unique gems 
  2. Pearls are forever 
  3. Classy, sassy and badassy 
  4. Limitless styling combinations 
  5. Pearls are amazing conversation starters 
  6. No two pearls are the same 
  7. Rich and royal history 

1. Most Unique Gems 

One of the biggest reasons for you to fall in love with pearls could be their sheer uniqueness. There are various kinds of gems in the world, like diamonds, rubies and emeralds, but how many can you think of that are obtained from the great depths of rivers and oceans just for you? 

Moreover, unlike most of the other gems that come only in a single color or minor variations of it, pearls come in a wide range of colors including white, golden, pink, black, charcoal, ash, bronze and even more if you include the dyed pearls! 

2. Pearls Are Forever 

“Pearls are Forever” is the title that The New York Times gave to one of their internet-storming articles. Although the article revolved around how pearls are being used in engagement rings and the timeless aura that they carry, we, at Gemsndiamond, take it one step ahead! 

At GemsnDiamond, pearls are literally forever! For every purchase that you make, we give you a lifetime guarantee on the pearls along with a certificate of authenticity that is valid for life. Because we love pearls, and you love pearls as well! 

3. Classy, Sassy And Badassy 

Pearls are the perfect companion for all jewelry lovers! 

With so many types of pearls and so many options to choose from, you can reveal the real you by what you wear! Flaunt your class with elegant white, pink or gold pearls. Show off your sass with bold black pearls and Tahitian necklace sets! 

That is why you can see pearls loved by all kinds of celebrities and famous personalities from the Queen of England to Cardi-B and Deepika Padukone! 

4. Limitless Styling Combinations 

Pearls come in various shapes and sizes. From the tiny rice pearls to large seawater and South Sea pearls, the options are as vast as the ocean they come from!

You can choose to wear the same pearls of the same sizes, the same pearls of different sizes (graded pearl necklace) or different pearls of different sizes. No matter what you choose, you are going to rock the style for sure! 

Some Unique Pearl Combination Examples 

  • Seed pearls with large oval white pearls 
  • Polki pearls with round pearls
  • Multi-line graded pearl sets

5. Pearls Are Amazing Conversation Starters 

Anything that is glamorous and unique is bound to make heads turn and spark a conversation. So, who better to take as your best friend to functions, parties and other social gatherings than an elegant pearl necklace set? 

Pearls can take the conversation to unimaginable places. From the magnificent ocean to the boy or girl next door, you name it, you got it!

6. No Two Pearls Are The Same 

Pearls are formed by a natural process. They are not machined or synthesised in labs. Hence, there are no two pearls in the world that are exactly the same. 

That’s not it! At GemsnDiamond, most of the designer pearl necklace sets are designed by our top-notch pearl jewelry design experts, and there is only one piece made for every such design. Therefore, when you buy a designer pearl necklace set from us, you will be the only person on the face of the Earth to own it! 

7. Rich And Royal History 

Pearls hold a special place in the history books all across the globe. They were one of the most precious possessions of the past! 

From the Royal Mughals and Nawabs of Hyderabad to the Roman and Egyptian Emperors, everyone was adorned by several pearls! 

Pearls were found in the sarcophagus of the Persian royals, embellished on the royal clothing of the Romans and in stories of princess Cleopatra and Marc Antony. 

Even today, many influential people worldwide continue to fall in love with all kinds of pearls. 


Pearls are probably the only gems that grow naturally in a living creature! Unlike other gemstones, pearls do not require extensive human interventions like machining, cutting and polishing. Every pearl is unique, and at Pure Pearls, every pearl jewelry set is also unique! 

From sparkles and dazzles to traditions and culture, pearls are the go-to jewelry for everybody! That’s why everyone loves pearls! 

Show your love to yourself and your dear ones by getting a ravishingly beautiful pearl jewelry set today at GemsnDiamond! 


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