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Pearl Gemstone

Pearl GemstonePearl or Moti is the gemstone for moon. In Astrology, moon has similar meaning as of heart. Pearl or Moti is used to remove the ill-effects of Moon. Pearl Birthstone gives tranquil and vibrant feeling. It improves memory as well as the confidence for the interaction with person. Pearl gemstone heals all the diseases arising out of the mind. Pearl or Moti is a smooth shiny round structure inside the shell of oyster. It is much cherished as a jewel. Pearl or Moti was formed when dewdrops filled with moonlight fell into the sea and were swallowed by oysters. Moti are available in many colors, among them white and red colored pearls are the best. Plane pearls should never be worn.

Astrological Effects of Pearl:
Pearl or Moti increases inner beauty, facial shine and charm. Pearl or Moti is the astrological gem related to the Moon, which represents the psyche in man, decision aware and insensible depths. It is related with the mother and childhood. Wearing a Pearl or Moti of at least 3 carats is said to carry fortune, appreciation and fame to its wearer. Signs of well-placed Pearl gemstone Emotions under control, balanced emotional life, the native will have good affluence, good fortune, recognition and fame and Good memory. It helps beneficial to any disease like Eye diseases, madness, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, cold, cough, Throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis, varicose loins, nervous debility, cancer, typhoid, Colic pains, worms, intestinal disorders, tumors and peritonitis. Pearl or Moti is very useful for ladies as it increases their facial luster, thus enhancing their beauty and will keep them ever young.

Astrology deals with the nine major planets of the Universe and their characteristic features. The position of the planets in the solar systems at the time of birth ascertains the qualities and characteristics of the individual, ranging from thinking, reasoning, emotions, philosophy, desires, health, career, etc. Gemstones are recommended to be worn for a specific period by some astrologers for removal of the harmful effects of planets because of its ability to attract special cosmic rays towards it. Gemstone can be a suitable option for those who cannot give much time on puja's and prayers and want a fast therapy for their problem. Gem Therapy is ahead more and more popularity as a way to heal several diseases. Pearls or Moti are presided over by different deities; moonlike pearls by Indra, dark pearls by Vishnu, red pearls by Vayu, yellow pearls by Varuna, black pearls by Yamaraja, and pearls that are brilliant by Agni.

Pearl Gemstone
Pearl (South Sea)
Indian Name Moti
Comments Full Round with good lustre



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