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Diamond Gemstone

Diamond Stone Diamond Gemstone or Heera is the king of all precious gemstones. Diamond has amazing luster and beauty. Diamond or Heera is the gemstone of planet Venus or Shukra. According to Hindu mythology Shukra is son of Maharishi Bhrigu. It is also known as Datyaguru. Venus is the most shining planet in the solar system. Venus is also the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra. According to Indian astrology Venus or Shukra is said to be Kaama of Kaalpurush. A benefic Venus or Shukra in the horoscope may bless the native with all the luxuries, happiness, beauty, comforts, glamour, romance, wealth, joy, delights, high class vehicles, art, sex, attractions, jewelry, entertainments, pleasure, enjoyments, passion and merriments. Diamond should be worn specially by artists, actors, hoteliers, gold sellers, industrialists and doctors. Diamond gemstone helps to prevent the diseases like sexual disorder ness, infertility, barrenness, sperm problems, sexual desire problems, bowel diseases, Kidney, eyes, constipation, gastric and cough problems etc. Diamond is also helps in the business and profession of film producing & direction, film distribution, actor, artist, lyrics writer, dancer, high-tech vehicles, hotels and restaurants, sweets making, entertainment business etc. Diamond is the critical gemstone, having few weaknesses and much strength. It is well known that Diamond or Heera is the hardest material found in nature.

Astrological Effects of Diamond Gemstone:

Wearing diamonds is good for those for whom Venus is lord of an auspicious house in the birth chart. Diamonds will help to neutralize the bad effects if Venus, as the lord of an auspicious house, is badly liable. Some authorities say that diamonds are good for those with Taurus increasing or for those with Leo or Aries on the ascendant. A perfect diamond will benefit the wearer significantly. A defective stone, however, can bring great misfortune. Such diamonds will carry others misfortune. A diamond is assumed to have beneficial effects if it shines through water like a ray of light, is shiny, has a luster like lightning, and has fire like a rainbow. A colorless diamond with a blue shade that sprays blue and red rays, and which does not have black dots, is the most auspicious to wear. Diamond or Heera has the divine power to overcome the Bhoot Pret Badha, the sprite obstacles. If diamond is worn along with emerald gemstone, the gemstone of Mercury who is lord of the second and fifth and a friend of Venus, the persons worried will get plentiful gains of wealth and good fortune. The quantum of helpful results will be more pronounced in the major period of Venus.

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